New moon wombyn's circle

First New Moon of 2020

Friday, January 24th 7:00-9:00PM

$33 Before / $44 At Door

Anchor your intentions & explore the wisdom, power, & pleasure of being a woman with Amba embodied movement, dance as prayer, an exploration of moon archetypes as they relate to the cycles of the womb, a flower mandala ceremony for manifestation, & closing circle with ritual chocolate and tea. Women of all ages and stages of life welcome.


Who is a Wombyn?

A Wombyn is a person born with a womb and/or someone who desires to reclaim their inner power for healing, creation, and sacred relationship with themself, others and with life. A wombyn is one who chooses to know themself, more and more, and is not afraid to look into their deep shadows to illuminate the parts of themselves they have yet to heal and/or embody. A Wombyn is someone who honors their body as a part of nature - not seperate from - and chooses to explore their inner landscapes to know the true beauty of their own inner wilderness and come into sacred union with their unique essence.


Why focus on the Womb?

Shaman Durek says that Womb Work is the future of women's health. Every person born with a womb has a birthright to know just how powerful and beautiful her body is. Our wombs are intelligent entities and are divine portals to knowing all that was, is, and ever will be. Through a deeper connection to our wombs, we can heal and move through old traumas, clear out old belief systems and thought patterns that stand in the way of living fulfilling and authentic lives, as well as activate our sensuous superpowers for deeper intimacy and connection with friends, lovers, art, and all of life. Whether you are a menstruating woman, post-menopause, or have even had a hysterectomy, being in an intimate relationship with your body and your womb and the role it plays in your ability to feel, create, and relate to the world is invaluable. Hannah Grasso is extremely passionate about sharing the sacred path of the womb with every woman who feels called to reclaim this power within. 


About Your Circle Leader

Hannah  Grasso has been teaching for 10 years and is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher,  International Women's Embodiment Teacher, and is also our Studio  Manager. Hannah's classes feature intelligent sequencing to craft a  physically challenging and spiritually transformative experience with  focus on breath, alignment, and freedom of expression.  

Her yoga journey began at 13 years old after rupturing her ACL, medial & lateral menisci all in the same knee. Yoga was the only thing to  help her gain back her strength and range of mobility, even more  effective than physical therapy. Beyond the physical, yoga became a  trusted companion through her struggle with body image and disordered  eating. At 16, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was meant  to share this practice with others and became certified to teach, and  has never looked back. After giving birth to her son at 23, Bodhi Zane,  she experienced the deep need for women, and all humans, to embody more of our primal, animal nature. Spirit guided her to a women's embodiment  practice called Amba Movement, in which she was certified in 2018 and has since been leading online embodiment programs, workshops, and retreats for women and mothers who feel disconnected from their body and their sensuality. She also hosts a podcast called Period is Power to empower women to remember the  power of their womb, their blood, and their connection to all of nature.


Hannah holds 4 advanced yoga certifcations, is a  trained Birth Doula, and has a BS in Health Education with an emphasis  in Holistic Health.


Join us at our beautiful Malibu studio space in Point Dume, upstairs above SunLife Organics.


29169 Heathercliff Rd, #217
Point Dume Village, Malibu, CA 90265


to be updated on workshops & class changes.