Nutrition & mindful habits workshop online

Saturday April 4, 2020 at 11AM - 1PM PST

$25 for Members

$40 for Non-members


During this extraordinary time of quarantine, isolation, and increased need for immune support, join us in this workshop to learn how to connect with and support your body nutritionally. You'll learn holistic strategies to get you through this disorienting time, and long afterward!


This two-hour Nutrition and Mindful Habits workshop is for anyone wanting to reflect on their current dietary health and choose a more focused nutritional path. It will empower you with insight and education about your own food choices, and what will be your most healthful strategy moving forward. This insightful and informative workshop is brought to you by two certified Health and Nutrition Coaches, one of whom is Malibu Beach Yoga teacher Robin Cressman! She will be joined by her husband, Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach John Cressman, as they create the space for you to come to your plate, drop into your nutrition, and create mindful habits around food for life.


Our approach is not prescriptive of one particular diet, rather an overall emphasis on whole-food, nutrient-dense, sustainably sourced food whenever possible, to give your body maximum access to high-quality nutrients from the food you eat.


Once you register for the workshop, you will be emailed a blank food log to fill out for up to 7 days. The more days, the better, but please be sure to come to the workshop with at least 3 days of food logs.


In the workshop, we will teach you how to read and interpret your food log, and then present three simple but effective paths for implementing nutritional habit change, based entirely on whole-food, healthful, real food choices. Based on your own evaluation of your food log, you'll be able to mindfully choose one path to move forward on, and learn how to implement it in your own life.


You will leave this workshop with a plan to address your own biggest nutritional challenge, and real-life habits that you can implement in your own life immediately.



John Cressman is a movement and nutrition coach with 10 years of experience in New York and Los Angeles, serving clients in and out of the gym with goals from weigh loss and longevity to power lifting and multi-sport events. He is a Precision Nutrition certified coach, NCSF and USAT certified personal trainer, and is currently pursuing an elite coaching certification from the Flow Genome Project. John golfs, surfs, and hunts, and does all of them in Southern California where he lives with his wife Robin and dog Murphy.


Robin Cressman was first certified as a yoga instructor in 2012 while working as a personal trainer for a health club in New York City. Not long after, she began experiencing physical symptoms that led to a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, which demanded a profound lifestyle overhaul and strong focus on nutrition. This led her to dive deep into holistic health education and obtain certifications from Precision Nutrition and Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and her Reiki practitioner training levels 1&2. The application of these principles in her life, however, was found and continues every day through her yoga practice. For the last two years Robin has been pursuing deeper yoga education and currently has over 500 hours in certifications from OM Yoga in NYC, evolation yoga in Santa Barbara, and Mukti Yoga in LA. She loves movement, music, a good burger (no bun), and long walks on the beach with her husband and dog. 

Join us at our beautiful Malibu studio space in Point Dume, upstairs above SunLife Organics.


29169 Heathercliff Rd, #217
Point Dume Village, Malibu, CA 90265


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