Kat McGee is renowned as one of the most progressive yoga teachers and coaches on the West Coast.  Formally trained while living in India under the guidance of Swami Vishveketu and currently serving as a lululemon Ambassador, she holds numerous certifications totaling over 1000 hours and is registered as an ERYT-500 Instructor with Yoga Alliance.


Kat's approach to yogic arts is physically stimulating and ultimately heart centered. 

She holds transformative space for people from all backgrounds from the corporate and celebrity arenas to single parents.  Her ability to meet individuals exactly where they are with complete acceptance is the pinnacle of what makes her technique so powerful.



"I have been taking yoga classes here and there over the last year but never really got into it till I took a class from Kat. Yoga all of a sudden made sense because Kat combines the physical work and blends it with your own spirituality. One works better with the other and if we are in tune then the body can find amazing strength. She changed my life on many levels. Grateful she shares her knowledge so generously."    - Simone H.


"Yogis from across the globe agree that Kat McGee is one of the best instructors in the world. Why? Us yogis love the way she streamlines a vinyasa flow. We love her warm, inviting spirit. We love her smile. We love that she ventures into log cabins and spends time alone in reflection, giving presence to herself. Kat is our main squeeze. Thank you Kat, for everything. You are our inspiration!" -Mitchell A.


Mona Therese is trained in the lineage of Krishnamacharya, and her main focus is on breathing, Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga and meditation. Her fascination of the human being, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually shines through in her teaching and her own self. 


Mona Therese’s journey on the path of yoga started at the age of 18 when she got the book, Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self-Knowledge, which was a great inspiration and gave her a bigger understanding of her own spirituality and where she wanted to be in life. Her teachings are influenced by the practice of Ashtanga Yoga by her teachers Lino Miele and the late Gwendoline Hunt. Later on, from an injury and a deep desire for understanding how yoga asana works, she ventured into the practice of Iyengar Yoga with one of her teachers, Claus Wittig in Denmark. When she read Autobiography of a Yogi, Mona Therese found the missing link in her own practice and got initiated into Kriya Yoga by Sri Swami Shankarananda Giri from Rishikesh, India. In 2013 Mona Therese became a graduate from the Chopra Center University as a Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher, in Carlsbad, California.


For more info visit www.padapadmam.com


Becca is in the work with her students. The more studied a teacher she becomes, the more humble a student she becomes. Many years of behavior that led her far from her mat eventually led her back with a new understanding of resilience, love and practice. A quote that she lives by is, “Yoga is not meant to perfect who we are, it is intended to help us perfect our love.” She loves to utilize music as a rhythmic adventure and carefully designs her classes to flow with synchronicity.


Becca is an E-RYT 500 Advanced Yoga and Meditation instructor trained by a long lineage of teachers who place much emphasis on ancient global practices and yogic philosophy in addition to modern techniques for balancing the body and mind.  A strong flow, pranayama, and meditation are found in her classes and sometimes tears of transformation, but surely there are a lot of laughs and hugs too. 

One student states, “she teaches with so much integrity and love and ease and purpose. And therefore my body and mind wants to move that way. The ego is out and the love comes in. She heals hearts and therefore this world.”


Teaching for 6 years and each time she enters the studio she is in awe of this practice and how it can change lives, heal hearts, open channels of opportunities, and shift our bio-chemistry. Longevity is the reason she started to practice, but awakening is what she continues to find. 


Hannah Grasso has been teaching yoga for 11 years (since she was just 16!) and is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, International Women's Embodiment Teacher, and is also our Studio Manager. Hannah's classes feature fun, intelligent sequencing to craft a physically challenging and spiritually transformative experience with focus on breath, alignment, and freedom of expression.

Her yoga journey began at 13 years old after rupturing her ACL & medial menisci playing volleyball that resulted in 2 knee surgeries, and a third surgery at 16 when she tore her lateral meniscus dancing Pointe ballet. Hannah fully sympathizes with being physically limited and is grateful these experiences have equipped her to be an even better teacher. Yoga was the only thing to help her gain back her strength and range of mobility, even more effective than physical therapy. Beyond the physical, yoga supported her healing through disempowered body image and disordered eating. At 16, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was meant to share the yoga practice with others and became certified to teach, and has never looked back. After giving birth to her son without drugs, Bodhi Zane, at 23 she experienced the deep need for women, and all humans, to embody more of our primal, sensual nature. Spirit guided her to a women's embodiment practice called Amba Movement, in which she was certified in 2018 and has since been leading online embodiment programs for women and mothers who feel disconnected from their body and their sensuality. She also hosts a podcast called Period is Power to empower women to remember the power of their womb, their blood, and their connection to all of nature.


Hannah holds 4 advanced yoga certifcations, is a trained Birth Doula, and has a BS in Health Education with an emphasis in Holistic Health.


Tulsi Bagnoli M.A. is a fourth generation meditator who has been practicing yoga and meditation since the age of four and teaching professionally throughout the US and India for the past 15 years. Weaving the alchemy of her own 30-year practice and experience as a student, Tulsi creates endless space for authenticity and deep healing. The invitation is to come as you are and practice your yoga. She is passionate about the practice of living yoga and helping people awaken to the untapped energy that flows within us all.


Tulsi was raised since birth in an atmosphere of mantra, meditation, and spiritual lifestyle. Her parents both were teachers of Transcendental Meditation and her father is a Vedic Astrologer. In her teens, Tulsi was in a car accident that changed the course of her life. After experiencing the immense healing powers and miracles of daily yoga sadhana, she felt a strong calling to share this practice with others. Through her dedication to growth and service, Tulsi was guided to become a certified teacher of meditation and Hatha Yoga at the age of 20.


She continued on to receive a B.A. and M.A. in Vedic Science with an emphasis in Sanskrit chanting, a 200-hour Vinyasa Krama Yoga teacher training with Ramaswami Srivatsa, in the lineage of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, and a 300-hour certification in Sattva Yoga, with Anand Mehrotra, in the foothills of the Himalayas. After a lifetime of being immersed in the sacred Vedic sciences, Tulsi‘s passion and curiosity led her to dive deeper to study with world-renowned mentors and teachers. Located in Topanga Canyon, Tulsi is an international teacher with an established private practice as a Vedic Astrologer and Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant incorporating Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Breathwork, Human Design, and Holistic modalities.




Kat is a passionate yogi, traveler, and animal lover. She feels most centered when breathing in fresh ocean air and floating in salty waters. 


Her journey with yoga has helped her find strength, balance, compassion and fluidity within her life. After nine years of practice, she earned her teaching certification in the Bahamas. Kat's intentions for her teaching and personal practice are ever-evolving.

She takes you through a journey into the deeper layers of yourself and tunes you into your inner workings. Her classes are filled with vibrant flows and grounding elements that connect the body and mind.  


Zach has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2009. He has a deep background in Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. He is on a mission to help teach yoga to as many people as possible and has been teaching 7 days a week for the last decade. His classes are user friendly and anyone and everyone can benefit from his class.


Natalie Riggs has been a yogi for 25yrs and through her many years of practicer and study; has created a style of yoga she calls, Shakti Flow. Embracing elements of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga; Shakti Flow focuses on the circular motion of the breath and body while also incorporating use of mantra and meditation. Natalie’s love of music brings a varied playlist to each class with a strong nod towards favorite singer/songwriters of the past and present. You can expect to receive hands-on adjustments for optimal body alignment as well as thoughtful and conscientious instruction in Natalie’s yoga classes. 


Natalie is certified as a Kundalini Yoga Therapist in addition to being an equine therapist at her business, Shakti Ranch, in Malibu. In addition to her private practice of equine and yoga therapy; Natalie works extensively in the world of addiction recovery and somatic experiencing. Natalie is a renowned trauma specialist and has facilitated workshops for organizations ranging from corporate to Military Veterans & First Responders. 


Through Natalie’s own practice, program of recovery, and most importantly her beloved children (Lucas and Giselle); Natalie has a warm and nurturing demeanor and she creates a safe space for her students to express themselves, feel their body sensations, and ultimately receive the serenity and bliss that yoga so uniquely delivers.



“My soul is good again, and only through your work…Thank you for being you and thank you for impacting my world.” ~ Jacquelynn M. 


“Your yoga class was such a good stretch, I really needed that. But even more than my body needing the stretch, I love the way you made me feel in class…Like you really cared and believed in me even though I’m new to yoga.” ~ Barry R.


For more info visit www.shaktiranch.com

carrieann carson

CarrieAnn Carson is a yogi with an RN and biotechnology background. She has been teaching yoga for one year, practicing for over 15 years. She is passionate in seeking both the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. As a healthcare provider, CarrieAnn pays special attention to careful cueing and the physical challenge of yoga. Her Yoga Sculpt class features a vinyasa flow style yoga, utilizing optional weights, effectively working each muscle group.

Don’t be surprised if CarrieAnn brings her hand-blended essential oils to class to share. She often matches her oils with a class intention in an effort to heighten the vibration, while matching the breath to poses.


CarrieAnn returns to Malibu after losing her home in the recent Woolsey fires. Her
passion lies in continuing to foster a sense of community in Malibu and her
commitment to teaching and practicing yoga is a lifelong journey she hopes to share.

CarrieAnn has her Bachelor’s in Science from USC and her Registered Nursing degree from Western University of Graduate Health Sciences. She has worked for over 20 years in oncology in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Now more than ever, yoga is becoming the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and
perhaps more importantly, yoga plays an important role in prevention and active
healing of the body. CarrieAnn’s classes are full of good vibes and you will leave
satisfied having engaged both your mind and body!


Annushka has a background in dance and easily fell in love with yoga as a student over twenty years ago and began her journey as a teacher in 2017 to deepen her understanding of yoga on a physical and spiritual level. She is a mixed level yoga teacher that combines vinyasa flow with a focus on alignment and safe sequencing. She balances a flow that supports each  individual’s level, skill set, and style. She builds her class with warming the body to encourage and support a deep practice while focusing on the fundamental elements of yoga.  Annushka creates a space for her students to build their physical strength while tuning into the rhythm of their breath and the subtleties of the body.  


Education and Certification:

Yogaworks 200 hr teacher training certification 

YogaWorks 300 hr teacher training certification

Yogaworks 25 hr Yin Yoga teacher certification

ER-YT 500 hr Yoga Alliance Certified


Robin has been practicing yoga since 2004. After starting her career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in New York City, she earned her first 200 hr YTT with OM Yoga in 2012. She applied the methods of yoga to her personal training practice, but it wasn't until her life was changed by a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes (autoimmune) a year later that she started devoting her time and energy to understanding, listening to, and healing the body. Her favorite way to do that is through the practice of yoga.


Robin went on to earn Reiki Levels I&II from Shakti Diva Reiki in NYC, her Holistic Health Coach certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and eventually retired from personal training and moved to Southern California in 2014 for her certification in long walks on the beach. She knows intuitively that salt water, ocean air, and sunshine are all powerfully healing to the body, mind, and soul, and endeavors to put her bare feet in the sand and get her beach supplement most days of the week.


Recently, Robin continued her teacher training with a 50 hour Yin training from Arhanta Yoga and a 250 hr Flow immersion from evolation yoga in Santa Barbara. She is currently pursuing an advanced 300 hr training with Mukti Yoga School in LA.


Robin is honored by every opportunity to guide students in their yoga practice, and infuses her classes with awareness, alignment, and an abiding reverence for the human body and compassion for the soul within. She remains ever a student, and loves to practice her self-care by taking the classes of her favorite teachers, several of whom teach at Malibu Beach Yoga.

"Mona is an incredibly knowledgable instructor.  Her classes are magical and I always leave feeling sooooo good."  

Join us at our beautiful Malibu studio space in Point Dume, upstairs above SunLife Organics.


29169 Heathercliff Rd, #217
Point Dume Village, Malibu, CA 90265


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